Gold Butte National Monument!
Solid Gold
We won the gold! Nevada’s piece of the Grand Canyon, GoldButte, is now a national monument thanks to President Obama. Gold Butte’s designation was supported by local Nevada residents, Tribes, business owners, community and tourism leaders, and citizens throughout the country who understood the urgent need to protect this magnificent place for future generations.
Hidden Gem of the Southwest

Gold Butte is located between the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument, Arizona, and Lake Mead National Recreation Area, just south of the City of Mesquite.
Natural Beauty

You'll find natural beauty around every bend. Stunning cactii flowers, ancient joshua trees, and interesting rock formations are spread throughout Gold Butte's vast landscape.
Thousands of Years of History

Native Americans have been dependent on the Gold Butte area for over 3,000 years. This traditional travel zone is filled with stories of the past through artifacts and ancient writings. Areas of habitation dot the landscape: rock shelters with blackened roofs, middens of charcoal soil littered with broken pottery, and rock tools.
Lots to Explore

Our recent hike to Billy Goat Peak separated the real Billy Goats in the crowd! Of the 6 of us only three made the peak this day. Spots of snow covering the north slope made blazing the trail challenging. For those of us that only made it half way an incredible view of the landscape was enjoyed. The 360 degree view included the Virgin Mountains, Lake Mead, the rugged ridges of southern Gold Butte and the Grand Wash Cliffs in AZ.
Fascinating Geology

Unique shapes of sandstone leftover from ancient oceans show up as interesting shapes and colors. You may even find a fossil of a sea creature embedded in the stone.
Let’s Protect Her for Generations to Come

There's so much history, culture, and biological diversity to enjoy. It's important that we recognize this and do what we can to put protection in place that guarantees everyone can enjoy Gold Butte today and into the future.

Beautiful Gold Butte!

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About Gold Butte

Gold Butte is located between the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument, Arizona, and Lake Mead National Recreation Area, just south of the City of Mesquite. It is over 350,000 acres of historical, cultural, and biological resources. Gold Butte is named for the historic mining town and tent city of 1,000 miners in the early 1900’s. The town of Gold Butte, long abandoned, now attracts visitors interested in early pioneer history, ranching and ghost towns. Before the pioneers came Spanish miners on the Old Spanish Trail, and for thousands of years, Native Americans called Gold Butte home.

Volunteer Opportunities

Friends of Gold Butte would love to have you join our growing group of volunteers. We can always use help:

  • Organizing group hikes
  • Sharing our efforts at local events
  • Participating in Gold Butte improvement projects
  • Teaching others about the benefits of protecting natural resources
  • Advocating to influential leaders


Friends of Gold Butte relies on donations from passionate supporters like yourself. Won’t you consider making a donation to continue the great work to preserve Gold Butte for generations to come? You can donate here.


We Did It!

We are pleased to announce that President Obama has designated Gold Butte a National Monument!


Click here to send your thanks to President Obama today!


This incredible victory for our public lands was made possible because of the thousands of people like you in Nevada and across the country who joined Tribes, elected officials, business owners, community groups, and recreationists to call on our national leaders to safeguard a beloved landscape.


We want to thank you for your dedication and support for Gold Butte. Together we have accomplished an amazing goal. The work does not end here though. The Friends of Gold Butte is committed to continue our work to protect Gold Butte through education, stewardship, advocacy and preservation of cultural and natural resources.


Please help us continue to protect the new Gold Butte National Monument with a contribution to the Friends of Gold Butte. You can donate online on this link.