Vision Statement

We envision a vibrant and healthy Gold Butte landscape where the land and wildlife, cultural resources, and solitude are preserved and accessible for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the responsible enjoyment of the Gold Butte National Monument through education, stewardship, advocacy, and preservation of natural and cultural resources.

Wild places that are open and accessible for the enjoyment of visitors.

Open and respectful dialog that considers diverse opinions.

Decisions informed by science

Diversity, cooperation, and integrity.

Our Goals

Programs: Create education and outdoor recreation programs that support the enjoyable and sustainable use of Gold Butte and other public lands.

Infrastructure: Facilitate the installation and maintenance of infrastructure necessary to support access to Gold Butte and protect the landscape.

Advocacy: Cultivate community relations and support land management policies and decisions that preserve a healthy landscape and promote responsible access and use of Gold Butte.

Organizational Sustainability. Ensure the organization is financially sound, has strong partner relationships, a positive community standing, and a growing membership that supports the organization  and operations.